About Me

To me, Disneyland is more than just a place. When I am out and about in the park, I can forget about everything outside the gates. I can forget about everything else that is going on in the world and let go of anything that may be stressing me out. Disneyland is my favorite place in the world, and if you have ever spent a significant period of time there, I am sure that you feel the same way!

My name is Modesty, and this is my blog. Originally from Houston, I relocated to Orange County in 2013. That move was a big one for me, and it was a wonderful decision that brought me untold happiness. I am fortunate to get to spend as much time at Disneyland as I do, which is why I have created Life in Fantasyland, a blog that is about the everyday life of Disneylanders. As a Disneyland blogger, Disney traveler, and personal shopper, I fill my days with magic, keeping up with all the latest works from the House of Mouse and writing about every last bit of it, everything that strikes my fancy.

Check back often – Disneyland changes every day!